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The ExtendedGaya enables more functionality on the NMT. It was originally written by the user gshock and then enhanced by the user Arjen Mels.


1. Get it here - http://rapidshare.com/files/121760481/ExtendedGaya_v1.0.tar.gz.html

2. Unpack and copy Folder - "ExtendedGaya" to /share folder (that is NFS/SMB shared one)

3. For this application to work your NMT apps should be installed and NMT application myIHomeServer should be started (go - Setup -> NMT Applications)

4. I had issue with rights. So, in terminal I set full rights to all ExtendedGaya folder (be careful this command is dangerous if you choose wrong folder :) :

chmod -R 777 /share/ExtendedGaya

5. Go to NMT sources list choose HardDisk, HTML pages, folder Extended Gaya and start index.htm

6. Remote keys (look in the README file for recent full list):

Return = Previous Page (Back)

Info = Provide additional info about file

Source = Goto Media Sources Screen

Home = Goto Favorites Screen

Play = Created (deep) playlist. A deep playlist will be generated if the folder which is focused does not directly contain media, but does contain sub-directories

Repeat = Created randomized (deep) playlist.

Menu = Add currently focused item to favorites

Setup = Password Protect/Unprotect current folder

Red = Goto Video folder

Green = Goto Music folder

Yellow = Web Services

Blue = Exit ExtendedGaya

Delete = Delete favorite (file deletion not yet implemented!)

Title = Select address to browse to

Time Seek = Refresh

Prev = Previous Page (Back)

Next = Next Page in history

Stop = Abort page loading

Subtitle = Time

Zoom = Zoom 

7. If all work fine you can try make ExtendedGaya as default (check README for that)