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The NMT wiki is user driven and contains all sorts of articles about the NMT digital media devices. Feel free to contribute with related information about the product, configuration, installation tips etc. Here you will find useful information on how to do this.





In order to contribute to the wiki you will need a Special:UserLogin; anyone and everyone can sign up. The following sections provide some technical details on how to edit content so that it integrates well with the structure and format of the NMT Wiki.

Help:New Article Guide to creating an article.
Help:Formatting Guide to formatting text, headers, and tables.
Help:Templates Guide to inserting preformatted content provided by the NMT Wiki templates.
Help:Categories Guide to the categories and content structure.

If the information you're looking for isn't in the above sections, and relates to the more general editing of the wiki rather than editing in the context of the NMT wiki, more information can be found at MediaWiki, where the wiki software is created.


Page Titles

  • All page titles should be brief and written using Title Case. If you are not sure what Title Case is, use the Title Case Generator.
  • Avoid the use of phrases such as "How to";


If you'd like to help, but are not sure how you can contribute, some suggestions are below. Please use diligence when creating pages or moderating; just because a page is wanted, doesn't mean it is required.