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These page covers the basic formatting elements needed to create a basic article. For a comprehensive list of formatting markup, please refer to MediaWiki Formatting and Content Help.



Title are enclosed in between two = symbols. The number of equals signs either side determines the level of the title. A single = symbol either side will create a title identical in format to the article title, and as such should not be used.

The NMT wiki encourages the use of at most 3 levels of titles, starting from level 2 (using two = symbols either side of the title text). If you feel the need to have more than 3 levels, consider reorganising the content.

When the page becomes big enough and multiple titles are used, an index is automatically added to the top of the page.


For a thorough guide on images, please refer to Mediawiki Images.

To post an image you have to upload it to the WIKI. Use Upload file option on left hand-side.


For a thorough guide on tables, please refer to Mediawiki Tables.


There are some NMT WIKI Templates already available to use here.

Make sure you always add the template to grade the level of difficulty of any article you write. If the Article starts off as Easy before becoming Hard simply add a new rating of Easy at the beginning of the Article and then add the change at the correct point in the Article by adding the new rating.


Add the Category of your article at the end of the article. Simply look at the available categories available here and add the one/ones that apply.

Look at how pages have used the above and duplicate yourself.