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Share Your Digital Content

When it comes to digital content, there is always the hassle of organizing and presenting your content for playback. Showcasing your digital content is made simpler by having an organized media library. The fundamental concept behind the myiHome Media Server has always been an easy to use, simple navigation and quick accessibility to your contents. Putting it simply myihome is a http server app from Syabas that uses the quickest Network Protocol and has added features such as shuffle, playlist support, integration with WMP and iTunes, and offers a Jukebox through a Plugin. It runs on most PC OS platforms and on Windows Home Server.

System requirements

  • Intel Pentium 233(MHz) or higher processor;
Pentium III recommended
  • Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32bit,
Vista 64bit or Mac OS X or Linux
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 100MB of available hard disk space

Media transcoding

  • Photo - BMP, PNG and TIFF
  • Video - RMVB

Media playlist conversion

  • Winamp - M3U and PLS
  • Windows Media Player - ASX

Discovery protocol

MyiHome YAMJ Jukebox Plugin - Main Screen
  • UPnP
  • Bonjour
  • Multi language support
    • English
    • Chinese Simplify
    • Chinese Traditional
    • Japanese
    • Etc

Other features

  • Plugins - YAMJ Video Jukebox
  • Thumbnail view
  • Photo transcoding and scaling
  • Audio UI navigation using Genre, Artist, Album and Song list
  • iTunes Synchronization
  • Password Control
  • Watch Folder
MyiHome YAMJ Jukebox Plugin - Film Details Screen

Myihome Useful Tips

Adding Myihome as a Web Service

  • If you are having problems with the myihome icon appearing on your Sources page you can add it to your Web Services Sources page. Check first that you know what you are looking for on your Sources page. You will not see any reference to MyiHome only a half person icon named after your PC's name. The User Guide shows you what to look for in the Sources page.
  • To access the Web Services Sources page you simply press the Sources button on your remote a second time. Pressing a further time takes you back to Sources, it toggles between the two Sources pages.
  • When in Web Services Sources screen select 'Add/Edit', then Enter:-
  • To access now simply press enter on the myihome Web Services Sources screen.

MyiHome PC Firewall settings

  • After installing MyiHome make sure that you allow exceptions in whatever firewall you are running on the serving PC.
  • Add exceptions for :- myihome.exe, myihome-server.exe procview.exe and mDNSresponder.exe.
  • Finally open ports 7999, 8000, 8001 and 9001. Also UDP port 1900.
  • Check that you have no other software/server app on your PC that uses port 8000. It is used by other http server apps. Change via Edit>Preferences to a different port n MyiHome if this is the case.
  • Still having problems and you have done all of the above AND rebooted both your router and your PC some users report turning off DNLA and/or upnp on their routers has enabled MyiHome t show on the Sources screen.

MyiHome User Guide

  • After installing myihome browse to program files>myihome>doc folder to find the User Guide.
  • It has 90 pages showing how to do the basics before moving on to more complex usage.
  • Myihome User Manual Download Link

Myihome Lite

The NMT has a myihome application as part of the NMT Applications that are installed if you use an internal HDD.

This is known as myihomelite or myihome CE server. This is a http server app for streaming files from one NMT to another. It is NOT to be confused with the myihome http server app that is discussed above which runs from a PC, or your NAS/Server provided you have Windows Server software.

Myihome Useful Links

Myihome download